I spent most of yesterday in a state of lull, reeling from the shock and sadness of losing one of the greatest and most imaginative minds of all time. Steve Jobs was and remains to be one of my inspirations, not only with his brilliance, but also with his attitude with life and work in general. I know for a fact that he managed to touch a lot of people’s lives, each in a different way, but for me as a visual artist, I truly appreciate how he changed the landscape of visuals- and it’s not just the aspect of how people see beauty, but also of how beautiful things are made, by providing us with the tools to do so.

It’s hard to put to words how grateful I am for all he has done, that despite his bad health, he was still so devoted in doing what he loved, because that was just how he was, always aiming higher, always thinking out of the box and coming out with surprises. And he wouldn’t be Steve Jobs if he weren’t that way, I guess. I didn’t even know him, and only now do I realize how much of a positive influence he has been to me. Now I’ll never get a chance to say a proper thank you. So here’s one of my favourite quotes from him, one which always incites some encouragement in my heart when I read it. I’m sure you’ve seen this being circulated around the web, but here is my simple gesture to show how much I thank Steve for all he has done. I hope that wherever he is, he can feel all our hearts going out to him, and to his family and loved one.

We love you, Steve! And thank you.